Remote Employee Answering Phone Calls

Our unique Customer Service Professional position requires some key attributes to be successful in this remote position for AnswerFirst.

But, who is our ideal candidate?

While we are constantly refining the list of personal attributes and professional skills that we look for in a candidate as part of our daily search for CSPs, we have identified some key attributes and skills in those who have already been successful in the CSP role.

The attributes that stand out the most are self-motivation and superior work ethic.

The ideal person for the CSP role must have the ability to manage themselves effectively and efficiently in their own environment and require little to no supervision. It requires the ability to sit for long periods of time with a commitment and focus to taking call after call for a wide variety of different companies and different call types.

Our staff are required to have their own office space with the required equipment in a distraction free area of their home. They are comfortable being tethered to their computer by a headset. In return, they enjoy the flexibility of being at home while they work.

These individuals have great people skills, the ability to read instructions while actively listening to their caller then accurately typing information with swift typing skills.

Some AnswerFirst Customer Service Professionals are stay-at-home parents, college students, and semi-retirees who have already satisfied their primary career goals, but still need to work.

All of our staff are professional, customer service driven individuals who have a strong desire to help others and a need or desire to work from home. They want to financially support their family or household without having to deal with the outside elements, expense and stress of transportation, decisions on what to wear each day or even where to eat lunch every day. Working from home eliminates those worries for them and allows for more freedom to focus on what’s important to them in their personal lives.

Our ideal candidate knows that there are many positive things to say about working from home and very few negatives to this unique career opportunity.

For them, the positives are more important in meeting their needs as an employee than the few negatives.

Some negatives to note would be not having a traditional office work environment where you interact with other team members in person on a daily basis.  There is less camaraderie with your coworkers or even your direct supervisor because our environment relies on virtual communication such as chat or hangouts to engage with each other instead of face-to-face interactions.

Additionally, CSPs work where they live and this can become mundane or boring for some. If you lack the ability to thrive in this type of work environment then this would not be the ideal position for you.  The negatives can be pretty tough to overcome if you are someone who requires or thrives on being around other people on a daily basis. Many have tried to overcome this just for the convenience of working from home and some have even been successful through perseverance and determination to make it work for them.

At AnswerFirst, our long-term employees will tell you that they have a daily work routine the same as they would going to a traditional office job.

Having a routine helps them feel like they are going to work even though they are just going to the next room to work. It’s all about being in the right mindset and being prepared for work. They will also tell you that you must be self-driven, confident, able to work independently, make solid decisions and most importantly have great multi-tasking and customer service abilities.