Step 2: Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through each question and answer carefully. To proceed to the next step of the pre-application process, you will need to successfully answer the questions below the FAQs.

Q: What is the hiring process?
A: Our hiring process involves several steps to begin with an online application process via our website This process includes uploading a current résumé and completing an employment application; you will also find specific required evaluations that must be completed to move forward with the process. These evaluations help us identify the right candidate with the skills, experience and personality traits that will make an ideal fit for a position in our company. Then recruiters make contact with those who qualify to schedule an initial screening interview to discuss the results from the evaluations, all previous job history and experience as it relates to the position we are seeking to fill within our organization to identify “A” players who will be an ideal candidate to join our team.

Q: How long does the hiring process take?
A: The process can be lengthy to ensure we find the right fit. This can take 2 weeks or more depending on business needs and interview schedules.

Q: Are there advancement opportunities?
A: Yes, we encourage learning new skills to advance your career. Adding new skills also increases earning potential, while adding value to your career. AnswerFirst would like to provide employees with every opportunity for advancing to other positions or opportunities within the company. Approval of progression or promotions depends largely upon training, experience, work record, and business need. However, AnswerFirst Communications, Inc. reserves the right to look outside the company for potential employees.

Q: What are the scheduling expectations?
A: We are a 24/7/365 contact center that supports our business partners and their clientele when they are unavailable. We work nights/weekends and holidays to meet their needs. Schedule availability is discussed during the hiring process to match our business needs and will be expected to be maintained if selected. Flexibility in availability is ideal. Our full-time staff typically work an 8 hour shift working at least one day on the weekend and an additional day off is provided during the week. Schedules vary based upon need. Schedules are always prepared based upon the employee availability commitment made by new hires when hired. Schedules are posted 1-2 weeks in advance.

Q: How long is the training process?
A: The training is individualized based on trainee(s) progress. The process should be 4 weeks for most candidates.

Q: Is training paid?
A: Yes, new hire training is paid. Advanced training courses are also available to further your skills and advance your career.

Q: How frequently do policies and procedures change?
A: With rapidly changing technology and rising consumer expectations, we must always be prepared to adapt to change. With change comes challenge and a wealth of personal and professional growth opportunities.

Q: How often can I expect feedback or reviews?
A: Our leadership team is continuously tasked with developing the next generation of new leaders for our organization. This process includes identifying opportunities to improve performance, while gaining insight to assist with career planning and improving the business. All staff are assessed regularly, including surveys to help identify additional opportunities for success.

Q: Will I be working independently or part of a team?
A: Absolutely. Teamwork makes the dream work. Our success depends heavily upon partnering with our staff to promote encouragement, motivation, teamwork and cohesiveness and celebrating accomplishments.

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