At AnswerFirst, we believe that a great culture isn’t just a priority; it’s essential to delivering unparalleled answering services and customer support.

Our dedication to maintaining a family feel and teamwork is at the heart of our unique culture, empowering our employees to excel and enjoy their work in a supportive environment.

Why Culture Matters in Customer Service

Our culture is designed to foster like-minded leaders who are passionate about the quality of our answering service and committed to the success of our clients. From day one, we instill our vision, mission, and values in every team member, especially our Customer Service Professionals.

These front-line heroes are the backbone of our inbound contact center services, playing the most critical role in our commitment to excellence in customer service.

Overcoming Remote Work Challenges

With 80% of our staff working remotely, we face unique challenges in keeping our team connected and engaged. This is particularly true for our Customer Service Professionals, who require constant access to tools, information, and support to thrive in their virtual roles. Our innovative approach to engagement ensures that we maintain a strong connection with our team, prioritizing their needs in every aspect of our operations.

Leveraging Technology to Maintain Connections

Technology plays a crucial role in keeping our team united and our culture vibrant. We’ve created a private member lounge on Facebook, allowing employees to share life events, achievements, and company news in a secure, exclusive environment.

Similarly, our internal Intranet serves as a central hub for all essential resources, from training videos to updates on new accounts, ensuring that every team member has the information they need at their fingertips.

Cultivating a Culture of Excellence

As we grow, maintaining our culture becomes increasingly challenging, but we’re committed to the journey. Our focus on delivering exceptional answering and customer service is intertwined with our culture, making AnswerFirst not just a place to work, but a place to belong and thrive.

At AnswerFirst, we’re more than just an answering service; we’re a community dedicated to making a difference for our clients and each other. Join us in our mission to provide excellent customer service, powered by a culture that values each employee’s contribution.