Our Culture Is Why Our Employees Love Working With AnswerFirst

Is great culture a priority for you in your career choice? It is for us here at AnswerFirst. We work hard everyday to keep our family feel and teamwork as the key ingredients to our unique culture. We want every employee to remember why they chose AnswerFirst. Our culture is one that affords them the opportunity to work among other like minded leaders that care about the output of our product and the ability to enjoy their work too. We empower them to do the right thing on behalf of AnswerFirst. From day one, we encourage their success with communication that matches our vision, mission and values of the company.

We do have obstacles in our culture with 80% of our staff working from remote locations. The majority of this group are our front line employees, our Customer Service Professionals. They happen to be THE most important role of the company as the staff of our contact center. We must make sure they have the tools, information and assistance they need for their virtual role. At the same time, we must be really creative when it comes to keeping this elite group engaged and thriving as employees. We cannot risk losing that connection which is why any on-going training, celebratory events or communication in general we take them into consideration first.

We rely heavily on technology to help us stay connected to them while still keeping that human connection. For instance, we utilized Facebook to create our own private member lounge. Here our employees are able to share life events, milestones, memories or any company wide event information just like they do on their personal Facebook. The beauty is that content is only visible to members of our AnswerFirst Lounge. In addition, just like many companies, we also have an internal Intranet to house all of our news, information, changes, new accounts, training videos, etc. all in one central portal. Any resource or tool they need is found here at their fingertips. We encourage a regular exploration of this portal to stay up to date on what has changed since they last worked. We also use this in some of our culture events with virtual scavenger hunts. We are serious about providing excellent customer service while still making it fun too.

Keeping our culture in tact will become more and more challenging as we continue to expand as an organization – we are up for the challenge!